A handbook for healing the family tree
Exploring our connections with the past
Getting the past out of the present
Remember your Ancestors • Recognize old Patterns
Release old Hurts • Recover from Illness
Reclaim your Identity • Rededicate old Places
Restore what was Lost • Reunite with Lost Siblings
Resolve old Conflicts • Reflect on Abortion
Revisit Memories and Places • Reawaken Ancestral Gifts
Reconnect with Providence • Redeem your Family Tree
Revive your Relationships • Recover from Family Trauma

These are just some of the topics covered in Wood You Believe – The Ancestral Self, where Fr. Jim Cogley, with twenty-five years experience of working in this area, combines the wisdom of spirituality and psychology, with the discipline of woodturning, to provide a multitude of fascinating symbols, life changing insights and some valuable resources for healing.